Cave paintings, antique frescoes, or the torn remnants of posters on the street inform the works of German artist Igor Bleischwitz. In his paintings he tries to capture moments lost as well as impressions of a place or person – many of his works reveal slivers of portraits. Igor graduated from the Hoschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany in 2011, and since then he has had many solo and group shows. His works are in many private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and Switzerland.

Igor Bleischwitz works and lives in Berlin, Germany


PARS PRO TOTO 2016, Subjectobject Gallery, Berlin, JÄGER UND SAMMLER 2015, Gebrüder-Bleischwitz-Strasse, public art project, Berlin, SINGLES 2015,  Subjectobject Gallery, Berlin, HEILIGE PAUSEN 2015, Kunstraum Foth, INSTINKTE und MYTHEN 2014, Subjectobject Gallery, Berlin, SALVE ÄGYPTEN 2014, Gebrüder-Bleischwitz-Strasse, public art project, Berlin,  DER SCHÜTZE 2013, curated by Maya Minder, DIE WERBEFLÄCHE 2013, Zürich, CH, MALEREI MARSCH 2013, Shedhalle, Zug, CH, NATÜRLICHE  AUSLESE 2011,  Kunstraum Foth, Freiburg


JAHRESGABEN 2016, Kunstverein Frechen, INVEST IN ART 2016, (Cat.), curated by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator at Saatchi Art, USA, POSITIONS BERLIN ART FAIR 2015, with Subjectobject Gallery, ABSOLUT SINNFREI 2015 Marler Stern, Marl,  BURST SCULPTURE 2014, curated by Jeannice Keller, ZIP, Basel, CH, EB-DITZSCH KUNSTPREIS 2014,  Kunsthalle Geraer Bank, Gera, (Cat.) POSITIONEN DER MALEREI 2013,  curated by Jeannice Keller, ZIP, Basel, CH, DAS SOLL KUNST SEIN 2011,  Kunstverein Freiburg, KLASSE 2010, Kunstforum Waldkirch, GUT 2008, Kunstverein Kirchzarten


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The Spring – instincts and nectar series / sculptures
Reflection series / color cryptograms
MUSENKUSS series/ Muse, color and fragments
Singles series
KLEIN ABER OHO series / miniature paintings/ selected works, work in progress since 2013