„MUSENKUSS“ -SERIES, 2015-2016, painting, catalogue view:

musenkuss igor bleischwitz

The central idea of the „MUSENKUSS“ – series is to create a kind of color codes from experienced situations. It means the colours that are choosen are the ones that the artist sees in the time of a portrait session, for example – clothing from painted models, their hair, eye color, house fronts, colours of the sky, things arround the artist at this moment. Still, the portrait session in this series stays as a very important start for the creative process.


„SINGLES“ – SERIES, 2015, painting, catalogue view:

10The idea of the artist for the“SINGLES“- series is to work with unknown persons. He finds them on dating sites or askes on the street, if he sees something interested in them. The portraits are painted in two steps. The first step is painted as a realistic portrait. With the second step the picture is completely painted over. At the end remains only fragments of the portrait. Each image has the name from the painted person.


„HAWKS AND SPARROWS“-SERIES,  2015,  painting, catalogue view:

10The „HAWKS AND SPARROWS“ – series shows two characters of birds – a hunter and a prey. The idea is to work with different color interpretations of each shape.


„Klein aber OHO“ – SERIES, 2012 – 2015, painting, miniatures, catalogue view:

klein aber ohoThe „klein, aber OHO“- series shows painted miniatures. The concept of  this very special group is to paint fragments of everything in the artist daily life. It is like to create an archiv. The size of every work is not bigger than a mobile screen.


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